The most popular hair texture on the market today is Virgin Brazilian Hair.This hair texture can blend easily with most ethnicities, and has especially found favour with South African woman who have come to love and adore the soft, luxurious bouncy brazilian hair extensions.

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Brazilian hair has a lot of body and natural shine, it’s less likely to frizz and holds curls for a very long time. This hair type is extremely versatile and always in demand with Glam Hair Afrique Girls.Virgin Brazilian Hair wefts are available in Straight, Body Wave, Loose Wave, Deep Wave and Kinky Curly.


We stock Virgin Brazilian Full Lace and Front Lace Wigs. These are full wigs with a mesh lace attached in front beyond the hair line of the wig, that is custom fitted, trimmed and temporarily “fixed” to ones skin via glue or tape around the hairline.

The mesh lace provides for natural looking partings in the hair and allows for a an amazing blend with ones natural skin.Lace wigs come in different styles, custom-made or ready-made, in Straight , Wavy and Curly textures.

Our Clip-in hair Extensions are 100% Virgin Brazilian Hair. One set is enough to add volume, length and lustre to a full head of hair. Add more lines for that extra glamorous full bodied look.

Clip-ins can be custom-made, or bought ready-made. They are available in all lengths in Straight , Wavy and Curly textures and can be coloured for that perfect match to your own hair colour.

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Here you can see the pricing table which comes with the theme. It needs to be insterted to the post/page/service in the Text editing mode (not visual). However, we have a prepared a video tutorial on YouTube as well how to setup the pricing table.

Virgin Brazilian   Color   Prices

12″ Natural Color R 750.00

14″ Natural Color R 870.00

16″ Natural Color R 1050.00

18″ Natural Color R 1150.00

20″ Natural Color R 1250.00

22″ Natural Color R 1350.00

24″ Natural Color R 1500.00

26″ Natural Color R 1700.00


Front Lace Wigs   Color   Prices

12″ Natural Color R 2300.00

14″ Natural Color R 2500.00

16″ Natural Color R 2700.00

18″ Natural Color R 2900.00

20″ Natural Color R 3100.00

22″ Natural Color R 3300.00

24″ Natural Color R 3500.00


Full Lace Wigs   Color   Prices

12″ Natural Color R 3000.00

14″ Natural Color R 3200.00

16″ Natural Color R 3400.00

18″ Natural Color R 3600.00

20″ Natural Color R 4000.00

22″ Natural Color R 4200.00

24″ Natural Color R 4400.00